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Woodcroft Warrens

... where all pets are treated with Love & Kindness

Your Pet's Holiday Checklist

  • Your pets and their usual pellet food are all you need to bring with you. I have everything else here including hays, dried grass, herbs, bowls, bottles, litter trays, wooden hideaways etc

  • Other home comforts (e.g. litter trays, blankets, toys etc.) can be supplied by you if you wish, but please keep it to a minimum - i.e. an amount I can carry! 

Last minute checks...

✅ Vaccination certificates for rabbits - emailed already at time of booking / booster 

✅ Enough of your pet's usual dry food to last the whole holiday

✅ Your pet is clean (bottoms in-particular) PLEASE CHECK!

✅ Your pet is wormed and treated against mites and fly strike when necessary

✅ Remember your arrival/collection time.

Weekdays: 9am - 12pm and 4pm - 6pm

Weekends and Bank Holidays: 10am - 1pm 

Arrivals and collections are by appointment only. 

Please kindly only make appointments you think you can keep! 

Thank you for your kind cooperation