Woodcroft Warrens

... where all pets are treated with Love & Kindness

Terms & Conditions

1. I agree that if Woodcroft Warrens feels that my pet is at any time in need of veterinary attention, I give permission to the veterinary surgeon to treat my pet, including the provision of general anesthetic if necessary, and I shall fully repay any costs incurred.

3. I agree that if I do not collect my pet within 28 days of the agreed collection date and I am not contactable, Woodcroft Warrens can seek to find it a new suitable home for my pet.

5. I accept that accident, injury, death, theft, public liability, and all other insurances for the owner and the boarder whilst visiting and boarding with Woodcroft Warrens are the responsibility of the owner and that Woodcroft Warrens is released of any and all such liabilities.

7. Should a pet pass away while in our care, the pet will be taken to your veterinary surgery (or if not local, our local veterinary surgery) where he or she will be kept until you return. We will contact the number in our 'Emergency Contact' section by default. If you are the emergency contact and would rather not be contacted in such a situation, please state this in writing on/before arrival.

8. On arrival we welcome customers to leave their pets with us at the gate. We will also have your pets ready to collect at the gate at the agreed time. Should you wish to view the boarding area, you can do so by appointment only, prior to your arrival date, and you do so at your own risk. 

10. I give permission to Woodcroft Warrens to obtain any of my pet's medical reports. I give the vet named on my booking, permission to release any medical information on request.

12. I understand that should the owner of Woodcroft Warrens (Louise Woodford) be away for any period of time longer than a day, a suitable pet-sitter with a good knowledge of rabbits and guinea pigs will take care of my pets.