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Woodcroft Warrens

... where all pets are treated with Love & Kindness

Prices - updated 2021

(Scroll down for bank details / how to pay)


1st Bunny £10.00 per day; extra sharing bunnies £2.00/day 


1st Piggy £8.00 per day; extra sharing piggies £2.00/day ​

Prices are charged per day / part day, e.g. Friday-Monday would be 4 

chargeable days, regardless of arrival / collection times

*** Please note we are no longer taking bookings for rodents and other small animals. We now care for rabbits and guinea pigs only. We will however honour any bookings that have already been made.

Prices include: 

  • Plenty of fresh hays, a variety of herbs & dried grass
  • A vast selection of fresh supermarket bought / home grown veg
  • Well lit accommodation purpose built and meticulously maintained by a professional hopperty developer!
  • Also included in the price are treats, hides, bowls, water bottles, litter trays, general grooming and heaps of our devoted time, love & attention.
  • See our Room Service page!
  • Prices do not include pellets - please bring enough of your usual brand to last the holiday.

Please note:

  • Medication procedures will incur a higher charge from 50p-£2 per dose (to be agreed)
  • Deposits are due at time of booking for first-time customers. Your space is open to be booked by someone else until the deposit is paid.
  • Should your pet require veterinary attention during their stay the following charges apply for my time: £12 per hour plus 30p/mile
  • We cannot attend routine vet visits during your pet's stay with us, but you are welcome to arrange this with a local pet taxi
  • Please make sure your pet arrives clean - bottoms especially!
  • We do not take unneutered male bunnies

How to pay:

Cash on collection, or online before collection please

Mrs Louise Woodford




First time bookings - 50% deposit required at time of booking please

* A 20% discount is offered for guests staying longer than 6 weeks. The first 6 weeks are charged at normal rate.