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Woodcroft Warrens

... where all pets are treated with Love & Kindness

Pictures & Updates

What we do

My lovely helpers and I devote our time and loving attention to each and every guest - as though each guest is our only guest. We spend many hours daily with them, ensuring they are happy, clean, eating, healthy and soooo well-loved. On your arrival day, I am happy to send a picture to you (please ask on arrival), so you know they have settled in. I also regularly post pictures on the Woodcroft Warrens Facebook page for you to see. If we have a worries about any guest, even a teeny-tiny concern, we promise to be in contact immediately.

What we no longer do 

Spend hours daily responding to individual update and picture requests during your holiday period. The excessive admin was taking me away from the guests earlier this year, so I had to ask humans to kindly give me more space - which they very kindly did :-) So if contact is absolutely necessary, please keep it to an absolute minimum so I can spend maximum time with the animals - they of course are our priority. I PROMISE to be straight in touch if I have any concerns, so please enjoy your holiday and trust me and my wonderful helpers to do our very best. I do not believe your little ones could be in safer hands!