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Woodcroft Warrens

... where all pets are treated with Love & Kindness


I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. Below I have listed the questions I am asked on a regular basis. Occasionally I'm asked a new question, when that happens I'll add it here.

Q: Do you charge extra to look after pets on Bank Holidays, Christmas day etc?

A: No I charge the same price 365 per year – Christmas day included, and the pets receive the same love, time and attention 365 per year too. But please check our opening hours as we do close for arrivals and collections over the 3 day Christmas period.

Q: Do you house rabbits in hutches?

A: Generally no, they stay in walk-in rooms or runs. There are some cases where owners chose to house a rabbit in a hutch, for medical reasons etc.

Q: I’ve never left my fur-babies before and am really worried about leaving them. Can I see where he/she will stay? 

A: Yes you are welcome to arrange a viewing at a time before your holiday. In fact, I strongly advise that you visit a few boarding establishments BEFORE making your booking, to make sure you're 100% happy about where you are leaving your pets. I am confident that you will leave feeling totally reassured. 

New Reception Area (being built): On arrival, we now ask that you check your pets in at our reception area. This helps to keep our family home private, rather than public place. Please be sure you are happy with this arrangement before making your booking.

Another thing worth thinking about... if you have a sensitive bunny who doesn’t cope well with the journey here, it's best to put them straight in their room and leave them to relax. They may need a few minutes peace to recover from the journey - peace which they will sense from the other bunnies as soon as they arrive. Prolonged fussing from an anxious human doesn't settle the bunny in my experience, and we need to get them happily munching asap. So please trust me to settle your bunny. I'll soon let you know if I have concerns.

Q: Are you open all year round?

A: We are open all year round. When we are out for extended periods, or take a holiday, our helpers will take good care of all pets (mine and yours) in my absence.

Q: My rabbit is an indoor rabbit and never goes out. The vet therefore told me that I don’t need to get him vaccinated. Can he still board with you?

A: I cannot accept un-vaccinated rabbits. While your rabbit it on holiday he may well be in the same vicinity as many other rabbits who live outside, where wild rabbits may potentially roam. Myxomitosis and RHD 1 & 2 are real risks and can be transferred very easily, via a mosquito for example. It would be unfair on everybunny to relax this rule. 

Q: I can’t find my rabbit’s vaccination certificate. Do I need one?

A: If you have no certificates, an email directly from your vet to me would be acceptable too. If you arrive without proof of vaccines you will have to call your vet to ask them to email the info. Otherwise your rabbit will not be able to stay here. It's best to come prepared please to prevent stressful situations!

Q: I'm worried about my rabbit getting ill while I'm away.

A: I am VERY experienced the care of rabbits. Of course a bunny's health can deteriorate suddenly for many reasons, however I notice changes in behaviour and subtle tell tale signs of illness way before a less-experienced person would. Some illnesses such as gut stasis can cause rabbit fatality very quickly so I take no chances. I keep a stock of fibreplex and syringes for immediate emergency hydration if appropriate, and whatever the time of day or night, your rabbit will be taken to the vet. 

Q: I have an unneutered male rabbit. Can he stay with you?

A: Sorry but no, all male bunnies must be neutered.

Q: I'm anxious about my pet, can you give me daily updates?

A: You can contact me during your holiday if you're worried, and I will reply with a picture, so you can see everybunny is well. I may also post some pics on Facebook. But please bear in mind that I can't connect with your pets and give them my full time, love  and attention if I'm always on my phone! So please try to relax and enjoy your holiday and I promise I will contact you / your emergency contact immediately should I have any concerns. 

Should you have any further questions that are not answered here, you are welcome to contact me.