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Woodcroft Warrens

... where all pets are treated with Love & Kindness


Clean, Secure & Spacious -

our 5 types of accommodation are displayed below:

1. The 2 heated cabins - 'Parsley Place' & 'Lavender Lodge'

  • Fully insulated and gently heated in the colder months
  • Refreshing and cool in the summer months
  • Full height "walk-in" enclosures - ideal for house rabbits
  • Double door systems for security
  • All rooms have a wooden house/hide
  • Smallest room 5ft x 5ft 6 inch    Largest room 8ft 6inch x 4ft 6inch

2. Coriander Cabin (unheated)

  • Well lit in the evenings
  • Shaded by trees providing beautiful dappled sunlight
  • Sheltered from wind, rain and strong sun
  • All full height doors are double bolted, top and bottom
  • Runs are separated by mesh or a solid timber wall (to suit guests)
  • We now have a double door system on these runs (pics to be updated soon)
  • 9ft x 3ft6inch

3. Cosy Cottages (unheated)

  • 24 hour run access
  • Double door system - in each enclosure a second timber door is closed over the mesh door for extra protection at night
  • Sheltered from weather
  • Dappled sunlight during the day
  • Raised onto a decking area
  • 8ft x 3ft

4. Binky Bungalows

  • Ideal for house rabbits who are used to garden access
  • Ideal for outside rabbits who like some extra comfort
  • Fully insulated and gently heated bedroom (during winter months)
  • Gently heated resting shelves in every bedroom (during winter months)
  • Secluded & sheltered outside exercise area (closed at night)
  • Double door system for added security
  • 8ft x 5ft

5. The Piggy Pad (inside & heated)

  • 10ft hutches (reduced to 5ft very occasionally during the busiest times)
  • Fleece lined
  • Low calcium fresh salad offered
  • Shelters, tunnels etc
  • Areas of hays, grasses, dried herbs
  • Hygienic and totally secure
  • Larger groups of guinea pigs will be housed in one of our walk-in rooms
  • Click pictures below to enlarge